Next Steps

What are my next steps for getting plugged in?

Complete the 3-visit challenge

Be a part of our community and culture for three weeks.

Complete Rhythms

Explore who we are as a church, dive into the details of your personality and gifts, and develop your leadership calling. In this three-step process you have full access to see what makes us tick and how we can accomplish our purpose together. Step Two takes place the last 3 Sundays of every month.

Join A House church

House Churches are smaller gatherings of the New Sound Church family. House churches are intimate times of community, mission, and the practice of the spiritual gifts. They meet in homes, coffee shops, and a variety of other places to connect people to God, the family of God, and their purpose in life. Step Three takes place on various days throughout the week.

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Launch into the next steps of obedience in faith by being water baptized, serving on a team, and generously giving. Connecting to the opportunities available at New Sound to live out your purpose and serve others by using your God-given gifts happens during Step Two.